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This summer

Posted Feb. 13, 2017, 10:30 a.m. By xoecer Tags: Travel

I have been wanting to travel to sweden for a long time now. But I have been to busy with work for the moment to even think about travelling. I feel that my life has been revolving around work, work, work. But sooner or later you need to hit some kind of wall to realise that you need some time off to actually relax and breathe for a moment. I recently hit that wall, a little bit. I have been so stressed out and need to take some time off and not think about work and just take it easy. I have decided to go to sweden this summer! I need to explore a new country on my time off and I think sweden is an interesting country to visit. And swedish summer is supposed to be really beautiful. I have found some interesting things to do in sweden during the summer. I am looking forward to go to the capital Stockholm. I have only seen pictures but it looks so, so beautiful! With all the old buildings, the water around the small islands, the old town called "Gamla stan". It's all so pretty. I have found something called stockholm bout tours and I guess it is a tour around the city by bout. It is just such a clever idea and I am really looking forward to it. I am so excited to try all the swedish food like "köttbullar and potatis" and a real swedish "semla". The "semla" looks really weird but it is apparently a very popular dessert.

I think some time off work will do me really good. And to travel on my own is maybe something that could make me a more independent person. I am going to have so much fun this summer!